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Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Hiring a day-of/month-of coordinator has many benefits. Not only are you able to hand the torch over to a wedding professional to oversee everything you’ve planned for your big day, but you can also focus on enjoying yourself on one of the most special days of your life.

wedding day

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A day-of coordinator's goal is typically to take the stress off of you, your family, and your friends. Without one, you and your partner would have to heavily rely on your loved ones to set up your event, ensure all of your vendors you’ve hired are on time and doing what they should be, ensure everyone is ready in time for the ceremony, and more.

Other benefits to hiring a day-of coordinator is having a professional to confide in for advice throughout the planning process. It’s likely that your day-of coordinator has seen a lot more weddings than you, and therefore will most likely have an answer for everything you throw at them. One of the biggest concerns I hear of when couples are looking for a day-of coordinator is the worry that the event they’ve planned won’t go as smoothly as it could without a professional to manage it. And that, my friends, is TRUE! Not only will a day-of coordinator create a professional event timeline, loaded with every detail of your wedding day, but your coordinator will also be there throughout the entire event to oversee the timeline, ensuring a smooth success.

Without a day-of coordinator…

Who will set up your event?

Who will make sure you’ve booked your vendors for the correct amount of time?

Who will make sure your vendors are aware of all necessary details prior to your wedding day?

Who will ensure all of your vendors are on time and setting up where they’re supposed to be?

Who will your vendors call if they're lost or running late?

Who will ensure you and your bridal party are ready to go in time for the ceremony?

Who will get you down the aisle?

Who will coordinate with your caterer to make sure your food is ready when your guests sit down for the reception?

Who will solve unexpected or last-minute challenges on your wedding day?

Who will pack up your decor post-event?

These are just a few things to consider. Save the headache! Hire a day-of coordinator.

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