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Small Touches to Increase Guest Comfort at Your Wedding

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Your wedding day is all about YOU! However, keep in mind that weddings are largely successful based on guest experience. With a few simple considerations, you can make sure your guests are comfortable and enjoy everything you've planned.

Here are a few tips on how to increase guest comfort:

Tip #1 - Water

Have water accessible everywhere, especially right when your guests arrive to your ceremony. Don’t make your friends and family wait in line at the bar just for water. At a minimum, have a water station at your ceremony, near the bar during cocktail hour, and/or somewhere inside your venue during your reception.

Tip #2 - Event Flow

A good timeline (and a good MC) will make or break your event. For example, if your photographer wants to steal you for sunset photos (which you shouldn’t miss - these are often my favorite photos from the day!), make sure your planner or coordinator has adjusted the timeline so that your guests are doing something while you’re away. There’s nothing worse than being at a wedding, sitting at your table after already finishing dinner, not sure what's happening next and haven’t seen the bride or groom in ages. Your planner or coordinator will ensure that guests are eating, dancing, or participating in some sort of activity while you, the guests of honor, are away.

Tip #3 - A Seating Chart

Say you’re a guest at a wedding and you and your date just finished getting your food at the buffet line. Now you’re looking around the room to see where you can sit. All you see is one open spot at one table, and two open spots at another, but the seats aren’t right next to each other. Now you’re tasked with the uncomfortable job of asking strangers to move over so you and your date can sit together, or just sitting separately all together. A seating chart ensures all guests will be seated with who they came with, or with someone they know, which brings me to my next point…

Tip #4 - Thoughtfully Planned Seating

When creating your seating chart, try to sit families, friend groups, couples, etc. together. Avoid seating too many strangers at one table. Thoughtfully planned seating will help ensure your guests enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

Tip #5 - Talk to Your Guests

It may seem impossible to think that you'll get opportunity to say hi to everyone who came to celebrate you on your wedding day. That's why I recommend going table to table during dinner. After you eat, take the time to personally thank your guests for coming. You only have to spend a couple of minutes per table. This makes your guests feel so special - you're the VIP! Everyone wants to have the chance to say hello and congratulate you.

Tip #6 - An Alternative Activity to Dancing

Getting the party started after dinner with dancing is one of the most fun aspects of your big day. However, keep in mind that not all of your guests will want to dance! Consider having alternate activities, such as a photo booth, a lounge area where guests can chat, an interactive guest book option (such as a polaroid or an audio guest book), or even some games.

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